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Undeniable benefits of Traditional medicine

Reduced side effects

Traditional medicines are natural; the body often responds favorably to them. Unfortunately, this is often not the case with prescription medications.


Herbal medicine, on the other hand, may forces individuals to listen to what the body is saying and to target the source of pain or discomfort


For many, the use of herbal medicine is more about taking control of personal health than anything else.

The benefits Psilocybin are:

Our about

Asum Pau and Natalie “Coeur” Lewis

Asum Pau and Natalie “Coeur” Lewis are the co-founders of The Medicine Wheel K(A)llective, a spirit
inspired initiative to help illuminate and deepen inner healing within the community. Our goal is to help
facilitate modalities that empower, nourish, and advocate for the remembrance of our sovereignty.
The Medicine Wheel K(A)llective is a collective and collaborative venture established for people who are ready to dive deep and begin their personal journey of inner work. We use tools that will produce the
most yield in returning home to the self.

As sound and medicine alchemist, as well as shamanic practitioners we focus on modalities that bridge asymbiotic balance between mind, body, and soul. These tools include energy healing, sound healing (crystal bowls, drums, didgeridoo), plant medicine, psychedelic ceremonial preparation, facilitation, and
integration. We work as transformation facilitators utilizing deep Shadow work to gain a better innerstanding of the self. We also serve our community as meditation guides, nutrition and supplement educators, as well as crystal grid creators for large events and festivals.
We pride ourselves in the work that we do and find joy in creating work life balance as we serve our community. We make time for rest and play by dancing, exercise, yoga, going to the beach and spending time with family.

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Here are some meditations to help you start your own personal practice.

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